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        About Fenghua

        Company Profile

        Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology Holding CO.,LTD, which held the initial public offerings in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996(abbreviation of the securities is Fenghua, securities code is 000636),is a high-tech listed company engaged in the production of new high-end components, electronic mate...
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        Message from the President

        The vast business, thousand boat race. Confidence makes us in the competition and development, opportunities and challenges of environment more confid...
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        Company Honormore

        Corporate Vision

        To become the world's leading supplier of electronic information products matching

        Our Structure

        Guangdong Fenghua advanced technology company limited (subsidiaries), a holding company framework

        Technology Innovation

        Providing one-stop research and development services based on customer needs. Customer-oriented, comprehensive consideration to the system, to provide customers with the most suitable solution ... ...

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